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Trade-in your current device for credit toward a new one

First Step:


Select the category and write the device name in the search box below for a trade-in estimate.

(The estimated price shown is for a device that works and is in good condition; price estimate might be higher than shown on this page) (Final estimate is calculated at our stores upon evaluation)


A system evaluates the device according to its condition at the time of evaluation.
Example: Does the device work and charge or not? Is the screen broken? Does the device has scratches or dents? Are all buttons and cameras working? All these points affect the evaluation as well as the model and year of manufacture.

We accept all devices in our stores, regardless of manufacturer and device model.

Yes, you can trade-in more than one device at once, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac.

For Apple devices, the device must be in good condition, and disabling the Find my iPhone feature would help increase the estimate for your device. If you can’t disable Find my iPhone, the device shall be considered as not working.

Yes, you can evaluate your old device and get credit on Aleph Gift Card to use toward your next purchase.

We will erase all information in your device after you agree on the price.

Yes, Terms & Conditions applied.

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